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Tree Doctor Development Clinics are:

  • One (1) place where the public can channel and solve any problems related to agricultural activities.
  • One (1) place where customers can meet with agricultural experts to get any agricultural information.
  • One (1) Department of Agriculture program that offers agricultural expansion services as the core of its services.
  • The name of the Expansion Clinic is given to the place / counter that offers agricultural expansion services, while the name of the Tree Doctor refers to the officers of the Department of Agriculture who provide advisory services as well as technical expertise and agricultural expansion.

The areas of expertise of the Principal Doctor are:

  • Crop Problem Diagnostics
  • Good Agricultural Practices Advisory Services
  • Agricultural Consulting and Investment
  • Agricultural Project Progress Study
  • Human resource development
  • Soil Suitability and Fertility Study
  • Remote Sensing and Land Mapping
  • Multiple Crop Technology Package
  • Agricultural Engineering Technology
  • Crop Seed Production Technology
  • Agro-based Industry Production Technology
  • Pest and Plant Disease Control
  • Crop Quality Control and Certification
  • Agricultural Import and Export Control
  • Pesticide Control and Application
  • Laboratory Analysis Services
  • Marketing of Agricultural Products
  • Agricultural Statistics Information
The activities carried out are:
  • Provide advisory services / guidance to clients covering all areas of Specialist Physician expertise such as agricultural advisory services, crop problem diagnostics, laboratory analysis, agricultural investment consulting and so on.
  • Solve technical problems and agricultural development.
  • Provide information / explanation on the programs of the Department of Agriculture and other government programs.
  • As a liaison between customers and staff of the Department of Agriculture, units / sections / divisions / states, other agencies or other relevant bodies.
  • Announcement of the latest agricultural information.

Where Can You Get Tree Doctor Service?

You can get the services of a Tree Doctor at:
  • Melaka State Agriculture Department headquarters
  • Alor Gajah District Agriculture Office / Central Melaka / Jasin
  • Masjid Tanah / Merlimau Area Agriculture Office
  • Pulau Gadong Agricultural Technology Complex
  • UDang River Agricultural Technology Complex
  • Counters move to agricultural project areas
  • Tree Doctor e-service counter: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Urban Agriculture Program is a program that helps urban households reduce the cost of living through their own production of some of the foodstuffs needed through the guidance of the Department of Agriculture. This program involves residents in urban and suburban areas with the cooperation and involvement of various relevant Departments and Agencies at the State and Federal levels.

The integration of agriculture in urban planning and development is important for sustainable development in terms of various aspects of life and the needs of urban life including food supply, environmental greening, water and urban waste management, education and leisure.

Agricultural activities among the urban population to produce their own food is a practical approach and can reduce daily expenses due to the rising cost of living in the city.

Based on the situation, the Urban Agriculture Program is implemented to encourage urban residents to grow their own vegetables / food crops around their homes so that the burden of rising cost of living can be reduced.

  • Encourage locals to grow and produce their own food to meet daily needs as well as reduce the cost of living.
  • Increase the side income of the urban community through the surplus production of agricultural products.
  • Support the Government's efforts in ensuring the quality and security of the country's food.
  • Foster awareness and interest in the importance of agriculture as a direct contributor to the well-being and cheerfulness of the urban community environment.
1.  Housing Area
 Edibel page
 Individuals in the community
(minimum 10 participants / local area)
 Individuals in the community
(minimum 10 participants / local area)
 Mini Fertigation
 Individuals in the community
(minimum 3 participants / local area)
1.  Housing Area
 Conventional / Organic Gardens
  Community (10 participants / group)
 Open Fertigation
  Community (10 participants / group)
1.  Institutions
(Company / Private /
Office / School etc.)
Nutrient Film Technique  (NFT)
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 Mini Fertigation

Kampung Manjoi, Ipoh


Taman Saga, Penang


Taman Bukit Pasir, Batu Pahat


Precinct 8 A Community, Putrajaya


Lembayong Park, Batu Pahat


Taman Perumahan, Kota Kemuning


Lim Garden, Ipoh


Taman Desa Damai, Penang


Springhill Park, Seremban


PUSPANITA Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital, Ministry of Health Malaysia


Starbuck Cofee, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam


Cempaka International Ladies College, N.Sembilan


SK Putrajaya Precinct 5 (1)


Ministry of Finance Malaysia, Putrajaya


Department of Agriculture, Putrajaya


Regional Agriculture Page, Jln Bakau Chondong, Bt Pahat


Agriculture Department

Any community member / institution who is interested in participating in the project must make an application using the form provided as in  Appendix 1 . The form can be downloaded from the Department of Agriculture website or / by contacting the nearest District / Area Agriculture Office for further services or information. The completed application form must be forwarded to the relevant District / Area Agriculture Officer.

After the application is received, the District / Area Agriculture Department Officer will visit the project area to determine the location, project area, appropriate project category and suggest an estimate of allocation requirements to be considered.

  • The program is implemented by residents in urban and suburban areas throughout the state in Peninsular Malaysia including the Federal Territory.
  • Cultivation areas are given focus on the area around houses, institutions, offices, Government reserve land with written permission from the relevant parties, idle land areas and suitable land according to crops.
  • In addition to technical advisory services, incentives can be considered as initial incentives. Incentives are in the form of seeds / planting materials, inputs, small agricultural equipment as well as area preparation work.
  • The State Department of Agriculture has the role of determining the activity area, category type and crop based on the suitability of the area.
  • The implementation of this program will involve the cooperation of local authorities, relevant departments and agencies.
  • Participants are open to all Malaysian citizens.
  • Living in urban and suburban areas, interested and able to implement crop projects.
  • Approval of an application to carry out more than one (1) type of project is subject to the consideration of the State Department of Agriculture.
Programs implemented according to this method are expected to have the following outcomes:
  • Reduce project expenses of project participants.
  • Make the most of the open space around the house.
  • Beautify the landscape of the area.
  • Arouse interest in farming and make farming as one (1) beneficial hobby.
  • Helps ensure food safety

Starting an Agricultural Business

Having your own business is often the dream of most people. By using their own business, they can use their skills and abilities to earn income either for themselves or their families, while hoping for the business to continue to grow and thrive. Before starting a business, it is important for an entrepreneur to choose the right type of business. give a return. Many entrepreneurs venture into agriculture without studying and evaluating first whether the business is suitable to run. This causes many people to face various problems in business management. Starting a plantation business is not as easy as one might think. However, persistence,Agriculture is Business  is an effort of the Department of Agriculture to attract customers to be active in the field of agriculture on a small scale as well as large scale. Customers who are interested and want to venture into this field of business there are several steps that need to be taken to help to implement the field of agriculture in a more organized manner are as follows:

Soil is one of the most important basic factors. Ways of land ownership are available such as:
  1. Owned land;
  2. Rent;
  3. Lease;
  4. Status of land approved by the relevant Authority such as TOL.
Capital is the second most important basis for running this agriculture. Capital is also available through:
  1. Personal savings;
  2. Family loans;
  3. Local bank loans like AgroBank.
Technology that is up-to-date and applicable with appropriate location, adequate capital and proper post-harvest management.
Crop Technology  can be followed according to the  Crop Calendar  for each commodity. Crop selection as well, should be according to the suitability of the soil in an area to be carried out.
 Quality Seed Technology also plays an important role. Currently the crop seeds are no longer produced by the Department of Agriculture, they are available at MARDI.
Agricultural Machinery Technology  can be seen as follows:
  1. Technology and Innovation  latest in agriculture.
Logically, all businesses prioritize profit. However, the profitability of the plantation business recorded on paper is not necessarily equal to the cash balance spent. Actual expenses incurred not from profits but surplus cash. Therefore, inflows and outflows are more important than profits because real profits from credit sales have not yet been earned. The cash flow for each crop commodoti listed  here  can help to make crop selection correctly, accurately, quickly and with lucrative results.
MyGAP and MyOrganic certification
An important step in planning a marketing strategy is to know and understand the needs and wants of customers. These factors will enable entrepreneurs to formulate effective marketing plans that are able to stimulate and meet the needs and wants of customers. A good marketing plan contains an explanation of the target market, market size, competition, market share, sales forecast, marketing strategy and marketing budget. The agency that can assist in small and large scale agricultural marketing is the Federal Marketing Authority of Malaysia (FAMA).
There are one (1) guidelines for incentives implemented by the Department of Agriculture, namely:

Incentive / Incentive Application Guidelines under Section 127, Income Tax Act 1967.

Business Planning Plan Format

1. Front page
2. Table of contents
3. Executive summary
    a. Name of main mooring company & project proposal
    b. Project management
    c. Project finance
    d. Markets and economics
    e. Project cost / viability
    f. Equity and loan requirements
    g. Collateral
    h. MOA.Inc support
4. Introduction
    a. The purpose of the project business plan
    b. The purpose of the project
5. Project Background
    5.1 Company
    a. Names and numbers
    b. Address
    c. No. phone and no. fax
    d. Company bank
    e. Company secretary
    f. Company auditors
    g. Capital is given and capital is paid by the company
    h. Company Board Member (Profile)
    5.2 Project
    a. Current location and status
    b. Technical and technological
  • Soil suitability
  • Agroiklim
  • Water resources and quality
6. Markets and Economics
    a. Market analysis and marketing plan
    b. Product prices in the market
7. Financial
    a. Financial statements and profit and loss statements
    b. Financial flows, financial resources of equity companies and IRR, B / C Ratio etc.
    c. Capital return point, delay period
    d. Loan repayment schedule
8. Organization and Management
    a. Organizational structure / chart
    b. Human resources and labor needs
    c. Human resource management strategies now and in the future
9. Recommended Evaluation / Monitoring
10. Justification