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Tree Doctor Development Clinics are:

  • One (1) place where the public can channel and solve any problems related to agricultural activities.
  • One (1) place where customers can meet with agricultural experts to get any agricultural information.
  • One (1) Department of Agriculture program that offers agricultural expansion services as the core of its services.
  • The name of the Expansion Clinic is given to the place / counter that offers agricultural expansion services, while the name of the Tree Doctor refers to the officers of the Department of Agriculture who provide advisory services as well as technical expertise and agricultural expansion.

The areas of expertise of the Principal Doctor are:

  • Crop Problem Diagnostics
  • Good Agricultural Practices Advisory Services
  • Agricultural Consulting and Investment
  • Agricultural Project Progress Study
  • Human resource development
  • Soil Suitability and Fertility Study
  • Remote Sensing and Land Mapping
  • Multiple Crop Technology Package
  • Agricultural Engineering Technology
  • Crop Seed Production Technology
  • Agro-based Industry Production Technology
  • Pest and Plant Disease Control
  • Crop Quality Control and Certification
  • Agricultural Import and Export Control
  • Pesticide Control and Application
  • Laboratory Analysis Services
  • Marketing of Agricultural Products
  • Agricultural Statistics Information
The activities carried out are:
  • Provide advisory services / guidance to clients covering all areas of Specialist Physician expertise such as agricultural advisory services, crop problem diagnostics, laboratory analysis, agricultural investment consulting and so on.
  • Solve technical problems and agricultural development.
  • Provide information / explanation on the programs of the Department of Agriculture and other government programs.
  • As a liaison between customers and staff of the Department of Agriculture, units / sections / divisions / states, other agencies or other relevant bodies.
  • Announcement of the latest agricultural information.

Where Can You Get Tree Doctor Service?

You can get the services of a Tree Doctor at:
  • Melaka State Agriculture Department headquarters
  • Alor Gajah District Agriculture Office / Central Melaka / Jasin
  • Masjid Tanah / Merlimau Area Agriculture Office
  • Pulau Gadong Agricultural Technology Complex
  • UDang River Agricultural Technology Complex
  • Counters move to agricultural project areas
  • Tree Doctor e-service counter: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.