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Malaysian Organic Scheme (SOM)

Certification scheme developed by the Department of Agriculture to give recognition to farms that practice organic farming based on Malaysian Standard MS 1529: 2001 The Production, Processing, Labeling & Marketing of Plant Based Organically Produced Food.

Malaysian Organic (myOrganic)

Rebranding of the Malaysian Organic Scheme (SOM) in giving recognition to farms operated organically based on Malaysian Standard MS 1529: 2015 Plant-based organically produced foods-requirements for production, processing, handling, labeling and marketing (First Revision).
  • As a tool or core to the Agricultural Technological Development System (SPTP) of the Department of Agriculture.
  • It is the practice of entrepreneurs in carrying out activities on the farm to produce better quality organic products that are safe to eat.
  • Produce agricultural products that are guaranteed quality and safe to eat (free from pesticides and heavy metals).
  • Preserving the environment.
  • The safety and welfare of farm workers is guaranteed.
  • Increase production productivity.
  • Agricultural products are easily recognizable and can compete in the domestic and international markets.
a) The categories of applicants are as follows:
  • Private
  • Private companies
  • Statutory Agency / Agency
b) Applicants must ensure:
  • The land cultivated is legal.
  • The farm has been planted and is starting to produce produce.
  • The proceeds released are intended for sale.
a) Applications must be made using the myOrganic Application Form 1-1. The form can be found at:
  • Crop Quality Control Division, Putrajaya Agriculture Department
  • State Department of Agriculture
  • District Agriculture Office
  • Official Portal of the Department of Agriculture
b) The completed application form must be submitted to the nearest District Agriculture Office. The set of documents that need to be submitted is as follows:
  • MyOrganic Application Form 1-1
  • Certified copy of SSM identity card / Registration Certificate.
  • Copy of proof of land ownership such as land grant, land lease agreement letter and land management permit letter.
Participation in this scheme is voluntary and the services provided are FREE.
Applicants must pass the following three things:
  • Site Inspection
  • Results analysis for pesticide residues, heavy metals and microbial
  • Farm practice audit
  • Please refer to myOrganic Certification Flow Chart
  • The certification approval period is within 24 months
a) Pre-Audit
  • Conducted to ensure entrepreneurs practice organic farming.
  • Pre-audit officers consist of District Level Department of Agriculture Officers.
  • District Department of Agriculture officials will take sample samples for the purpose of analysis of pesticide residues, heavy metals and microbial.
b) Follow-up Audit
  • External audits are conducted to identify operators practicing and complying with organic farming practices based on established standards and subsequently recommend for certification.
  • The audit is carried out by the Officer of the Department of Agriculture (Technical) who has been appointed by the Director General of Agriculture.
The validity period of myOrganic certification is one year.
Periodic monitoring will be carried out at least once every six months by the Department of Agriculture.
  • Renewal applications must be submitted within six months before the expiration date.
  • Certificate renewal will be issued if the farm still complies with the stipulated conditions.
MyOrganic recognition may be revoked for the following reasons:
  • Do not renew the certificate upon expiration.
  • If during that period the farm is found to have failed to comply with the stipulated conditions.
  • Misusing myOrganic certificates and logos in any way.