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The export of agricultural commodities abroad, especially plant materials, requires the certification of Phytosanitary Certificate (SF) from the exporting country, which is free from pests / diseases and soil, for this purpose, Phytosanitary Certificate is a requirement for export.

The Malaysian Phytosanitation Certification Scheme (MPCA Scheme) was established by the Department of Agriculture to enable Farmers / Nurseries, Packaging Centers and Factories to process agricultural products that have been certified in the MPCA Scheme can obtain / apply for SF without the need for quarantine inspection & treatment supervision by inspecting officers quarantine at the exporting premises or at the SF manufacturer's office.

Premises that produce commodities for export certified in the MPCA Scheme are premises with systemic pest / disease control and under controlled pests / disease status where the owner himself will conduct inspections and document phytosanitary certification activities, which are usually carried out by the Quarantine Inspector .

  • To facilitate and expedite the trade of agricultural products in relation to Phytosanitary needs;
  • To encourage the involvement of industry and stakeholders in the regulation and compliance of Phytosanitary measures;
  • To ensure recognition of a reliable Phytosanitary system.
  • Compliance with Important Phytosanitary Needs of Importers;
  • Achieve MPCA Scheme Criteria;
  • Documentation and Monitoring;
  • Bilateral Agreement.
  • A more organized and coordinated approach in achieving quality products especially with regard to pests, integrity and consignability of consignments;
  • Ensure customer satisfaction with consistent quality products and quality assurance;
  • More flexibility in terms of inspection by the Quarantine Inspection Officer prior to certification. Participants have more flexibility in arranging delivery times, minimizing handling, reducing bureaucracy and fast routes;
  • Easy and quick access to goods for the export market especially perishable goods and other products as SF production is made with minimal inspection;
  • Cost savings in terms of financial and human resources, minimal waste and rejection of materials through Good Agricultural Practices (APB).

Eligible applicants are as follows:

  • Manufacturers of plants from their own nurseries in Malaysia;
  • Manufacturer of plants from his own nursery and obtained from other nurseries in Malaysia and has a packaging house;
  • Collect plants from other manufacturers and have a packaging house in Malaysia;
  • Factories processing and producing agricultural products and other non-plant articles in Malaysia. Manufacturers who process and manufacture agricultural products are encouraged to apply because they comply with  "ISPM 32 - Categorization of Commodity According to Their Pest Risk"  which states that: "Commodity that has been processed to the point where they do not remain capable of being infested with quarantine not requires phytosanitary certification with respect to pests that may have been present in the commodity before the process specified in Category 1 ”.