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Someone running:

  • The main pest control task under self-supervision; or
  • The task of controlling small pests under supervision.

A Licensed Pesticide Applicant, shall have an Assistant Pesticide Applicant License issued by the Pesticide Board.

An application for a pesticide wearer assistant license must be made in writing to the Board through  Form F and accompanied by an application fee of RM75.00.

Pesticide User Assistant License Conditions:

  1. This license is granted to licensees to carry out general pest control, termite control and other pesticide organisms, general weed control in general and pest control affecting public health.
  2. Unless revoked or suspended in advance, this license is valid for a period of two (2) years from the date the license is issued.
  3. This license is not transferable.
  4. This license shall be worn by the licensee when he or she performs pest control operations.
  5. If this license is lost, the licensee shall report the matter to the Pesticide Board and apply for its replacement.
  6. The Board may require licensees applying for license renewal to attend courses arranged by the Pesticide Board from time to time to ensure that the licensee continues to meet changing technological requirements and has a continuous level of competence and ability in safe use of pesticides and right.
  7. The Pesticide Board may, in addition to the above conditions, impose such other conditions as it deems necessary.

Pesticide Application Assistant Examination

The Board will conduct examinations at least once a year for those intending to qualify as Pesticide Consumer Assistants. Passing in this examination is a prerequisite for the application for a Pesticide User Assistant License. The main purpose of this requirement is to ensure that the control of pesticides carried out is not only effective, but more importantly, does not harm the occupants of the premises where pesticides are used as well as contaminants in the environment.

To apply for the Pesticide User Assistant Examination, the applicant must:

  • Have at least a pass in Year Six; or
  • Have at least two (2) years of working experience as an employee involved in the application of pesticides in a company or business operating pest control; and
  • submit to the Board the application in  Form A2  and accompanied by an examination fee of RM100.00.

Please include the following documents:

  • Copy of Primary School Leaving Certificate / Equivalent Certificate which has been certified valid; or
  • Employer Confirmation Letter (they have work experience); and
  • Two (2) recent passport photos